Litter Fencing specifically designed to go around
the perimeter of solid waste landfills and solve
any litter containment issue significantly
reducing your current litter retrieval labor.
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Will not tip over and release trash during high
wind conditions. Units are easy to relocate by
attaching single or up to eight units to landfill
equipment. Each unit comes with a tow cable.
Designed to force trash towards the bottom of
the litter fence with outriggers on top to insure
waste will not go over the top. Litter Netting is
completely removable from cable system and
poles can be installed for future relocation.
Special fabric around the perimeter of the facility
provides dust control, visual screen, & wind
blockage while preserving air flow in and out of
the facility. Fabrics available in all % solids and
provide up to 97% dust stoppage.
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Transfer & Recycling Facilities increase the
efficiency of waste collection, reduce transportation
costs, emissions & truck traffic. NETServices can
design a litter fencing system that is cost effective &
compatible with the surrounding area.
At NETServices we believe that quality, blended with excellent service, is the foundation for a successful
business. Give a try and find out why Americas top facilities choose NETServices.
Litter Fencing
Transfer Stations
Portable Litter Fencing
Landfill Litter Control Fencing
Wind Screens - Dust Control
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NETServices is proud to offer / install Litter Fencing designed by Coastal
Steel Pole Systems. Due to increased awareness of environmental issues
and increasing proximity of cities to landfills, the need for waste
containment systems continues to escalate. From recycling facilities to solid
waste landfills we can provide litter fencing to meet any requirement.
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