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888-365-NETS (6387)
Netting and Scrim along with supporting hardware and wire on the largest LED video board at a stadium or arena in the
USA. Working with the support of
Coastal Netting, CI Fabrics, and Engel Engineers the project was executed on time
and on budget. Completed in May of 2009, the four sided video display consists of two sideline video boards, each
measuring an incredible 72' tall x 160' and two end zone video boards, each measuring 29' tall x 51' wide. To place in
perspective, the structure is 8 stories tall and weighs nearly 1.4 million pound which is suspended from the arches of the
stadium itself. Our installation crews, working at over 170', were on site for a total of nearly 2 months using one 90 ton
crane and up to four 135' personnel lifts. NETServices installed Netting on the Top and Bottom of the structure and
Black Scrim Material on all exposed vertical surfaces. We are very proud of the fact that NETServices was selected to
complete the installation and be part of the largest stadium LED sign in the USA.